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Muscle Gains with  GF

Muscle Gain


If growth is your goal, then look no further! Our Power package will provide the extra calories you need throughout the day so you can effectively build muscle, fuel your workouts and perform at your best. We will provide you with the energy you need to do more, whether its lifting weights or hard cardio.

Your Benefits

No more cooking

No more cleaning

No more planning

No more shopping

An ideal package for:

  • Men & women looking to build muscle

  • Boost energy and full potential!


  • High protein to build and repair muscle

  • Well-balanced macro split

  • Encourages your body to work at its fullest potential

What to expect:

  • Lean protein sources such as chicken, salmon, beef, turkey, eggs, etc.

  • Fresh vegetables & fruits packed with flavour

  • Healthy fats sourced from avocado, nuts, seeds, and extra virgin olive oil

  • Freshly prepared by an expert team of chefs on the day of the delivery

  • Nutritionally balanced with essential vitamins and minerals

  • Halal option available

Your Menu

Your 5 meals at 2500 kcal/day for an effective and comfortable diet.


Not sure?

Leave your phone and we will answer your questions about our packages/nutrition/delivery.